Business Office Training


Our training is tailored to meet your facilities specific needs; we are equipped to provide on-site consultation or remotely in both web and phone based formats.Whether your business office needs a little direction, or your facility requires a complete analysis and overhaul; BottomLine Solutions is ready and willing to ensure you are functioning optimally.

We host seminars, focusing on specific “hot” industry topics. This allows your staff members the opportunity to stay current with new regulations, while reducing claims rejected for inappropriate billing practices.

Enjoy the availability of call-in support, no matter the issue; our trained staff is ready and eager to assist your billing staff. Get answers to questions and help with problem claims.

We will train your existing staff and new hires on proper and effective billing practices for all payer types. This includes Medicare Part A and B, Medicaid Managed Care, Coinsurance, Hospice and Commercial claims. The training will include the best ways to deal with representatives from each payer, submitting claims, follow up and troubleshooting.

We will cover ADRs, Level of Appeals and RAC Audits; how to respond in the event that your claims are reviewed. We will also review existing accounts to verify that your team is prepared in case one of these audits occurs; assuring reimbursement, and providing your staff with the knowledge necessary to complete audits accurately and successfully.